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Professional marketing & automation tools designed for nonprofits

Managing email outreach and communications can be tough, even for the most organized nonprofits.

MonkeyPod's integrated email marketing tools will save you time and money. Added bonus: they're easy to use!

  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Unlimited lists
  • Unlimited campaigns
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Unlimited. Unlimited. Unlimited.

  • Add unlimited subscribers.
  • Create unlimited templates.
  • Send unlimited campaigns.
  • No extra fees. No surprise charges.

CRM Integration

  • Add subscribers to an email list with one click from MonkeyPod Relationships CRM.
  • No duplicate data. No import or export required.

Powerful Search & Segmentation

  • Search and segment your subscribers by donation and sales history, location, program participation, volunteer activity, or any custom data that you want to track.

Email Automation

  • Send automated messages based on a subscriber's donation behavior, sales activity, email list signups, opens or clicks, and more.
  • Create unlimited campaigns, messages, and automation rules to streamline your communications.

Easy Drag & Drop Editor

  • Add pictures, videos, donation buttons, social media links, and more to your campaigns.
  • Use merge tags to insert total donations by fiscal year for gift acknowledgement letters.
  • Preview emails for mobile or desktop. All emails are responsive and mobile-friendly.

Email Subscription Forms

  • Insert email subscription forms directly into your website and let your stakeholders subscribe to one or multiple email lists.

Insights & Reporting

  • Track your subscriber growth, open rate, click rate, bounces, and unsubscribes across all of your email lists.
  • See the full history of emails sent and opened for every person in your database.

Powerful tools that work together to make your job easier.

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