You do the hard part. MonkeyPod's got your back.

All your financial activity, recorded and organized in one place.

  • Contributed income from donations, pledges, and grants
  • Earned revenue from sales and invoices
  • Expenses like bills, checks, credit card charges, and other payments
  • Bank deposits
  • Account transfers
  • Journal entries

Upload and store documents for audit time.

  • Upload receipts, bills, invoices, or other documentation
  • Digital documents are stored alongside the transaction record
  • No more searching through filing cabinets
  • Breeze through your audit

Save time by auto-importing transactions.

  • Link your checking, savings, and credit card accounts in MonkeyPod
  • MonkeyPod imports transactions automatically, around the clock
  • One-click match existing transactions
  • Quick-and-easy to import as new
  • Simply and streamline reconciliations

No awkward workarounds, real nonprofit accounting.

  • Most small business accounting follows for-profit rules
  • MonkeyPod was made just for nonprofits
  • Track donor-restricted assets
  • Differentiate contributed vs. earned income

All the essential reports to keep your board, funders, & accountant happy.

  • Standard reports, like:
    • General Ledger
    • Trial Balance
    • Receivables and Payables Aging
  • Nonprofit-specific reports, like:
    • Statement of Activities
    • Statement of Financial Position
    • Statement of Functional Expenses

Never again wonder how much is left to spend.

  • Record grants for general operating or restricted support
  • Restricted grants automatically create donor-restricted net asset account for tracking funds
  • Auto-release funds when making approved expenditures
  • Or, release grant funds on an approved schedule

Budget by program, time period, or grant, then roll-em-up for serious magic.

  • Create budgets for programs, grants, or the whole organization
  • Budgets may be time-bound
  • Each budget line has optional notes to explain its logic
  • Combine multiple related budgets into a single "Budget Rollup"
  • Automatically track actual revenue and expenses alongside budgeted projections

Track by location, project, favorite Beatle, or whatever makes sense to you.

  • There's an infinite number of ways to track your spending…
  • Use tags to categorize expenses however makes the most sense for your organization
  • Common uses include locations, chapters, or projects
  • Expenses can have zero, one, or any number of tags

Comply w/ nonprofit accounting rules and gather insights while you're at it.

  • Nonprofits are required to track spending by functional categories
  • MonkeyPod does this by default
  • Standard categories ("classes" in MonkeyPod lingo) are Programs and Services, Fundraising, and Management and General
  • Create as many subcategories as you need
  • Shared Expenses tracks spending that doesn't map to a single category
  • Allocate shared expenses according to management estimates for reporting purposes

No more duplicate data entry. Everyone in the same database.

  • Create donor and customer records automatically when recording transactions
  • Accounting and CRM integration means an end of duplicate record keeping and out-of-sync databases
  • Fundraising and finance staff have access to the same information in real-time
  • Transaction history helps provide a complete picture of constituent relationships

Full-featured, integrated email marketing at a fraction of the cost of Mailchimp or Constant Contact.

  • Unlimited lists and subscribers at no additional cost
  • One-click import from your CRM records
  • Pay per campaign — just $1 for every 1,000 emails sent

Keep your important relationships on track.

  • Track a donor's progress from cold prospect to die-hard supporter
  • Create your own funnels to track what matters to you

Track what matters most to your organization.

  • Different organizations care about different data
  • Define custom attributes that reflect the information you care about
  • Create attribute sets for different constituent roles

So everyone knows what happened and when.

  • Log your interactions — phone calls, emails, meetings, etc.
  • Keep everyone in the loop about important relationships

Who is connected to whom and how? Let's play 6-degrees of separation.

  • Follow the web of connections between constituents
  • Visualize your connection path to important prospects

Having an event? Invite people within a given distance.

  • Map your supporters addresses
  • Search based on distance (in miles) from a specific address

Raise money online and let the bookkeeping handle itself.

  • Create unlimited online fundraising campaigns
  • Provide options to donate one-time or monthly
  • Support for partially-deductible donations
  • All donations automatically recorded in your books

Partnering with the world's leading payments platform.

  • Use your own Stripe account with MonkeyPod
  • Credit card payments transfer automatically to your bank account
  • Integration means everything stays in sync, with no duplicate data entry


MonkeyPod wants to be the central hub for your organization. That's why it connects to the external services you already depend on. Here are a few of the integrations currently available (but we're constantly working to add more).

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