Become a pro at donor management

Donations, sales, interactions, and more — all in one place

Donor management is an important priority for any nonprofit organization. Your work depends on it.

So how do you build and maintain good relationships with your donors so you have their support for years to come?

MonkeyPod has you covered every step of the way, including unlimited data.

  • Unlimited donor records
  • Unlimited email subscribers
  • Unlimited email campaigns
  • Unlimited custom data fields
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Develop Your Donor Stewardship Strategy

  • Track and report donations with accuracy. MonkeyPod accounting, CRM, and budgets all work together seamlessly.
  • Analyze donor data with advanced reporting tools. Search by geography, donation and sales history, email subscription activity, and any custom data you're tracking.
  • Use MonkeyPod's donor retention and fundraising reports to identify first-time donors, re-engaged donors, retained donors, and monthly donors over customizable time periods.
  • Reduce overhead costs and errors caused by manual data entry and out-of-sync databases.

Thank Your Donors

  • MonkeyPod automatically sends thank you notes and receipts after every online donation.
  • Send customizable receipts for donations that are not processed through MonkeyPod's fundraising tools.
  • Identify donors who make larger gifts and send personalized thank you messages.

Get to Know Your Donors

  • MonkeyPod lets you see how your donors are engaging with your communications so you can tailor your future outreach.
  • Track important data about your donors' motivations, giving habits, and communication preferences. MonkeyPod lets you create and track unlimited custom data fields.
  • Instantly see every transaction — donations, sales, pledges, payments, etc. — for your donors in the same place.
  • Connect donors in your CRM with householding and MonkeyPod Connections to track family relationships, professional networks, or other useful associations.

Share Your Impact With Donors

  • Communicate regularly with your donors. MonkeyPod lets you send unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers.
  • Capture personal emails to your donors and constituents with our Bcc to MonkeyPod feature. MonkeyPod will record your full email, including any attachments, as an interaction in the constituent's record.
  • Segment your donors by program interest, event attendance, or other useful data. That way they receive the information that matters most to them.

Cultivate Future Giving

  • Many donors want to give more but are never asked. Use MonkeyPod's email marketing calendar tool to plan out all of your appeals.
  • Make it easy for donors to give with online fundraising pages that can be shared in email or on social media.
  • Track and notate fundraising touches using MonkeyPod Pipelines without ever leaving the donor's record in the CRM.

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