MonkeyPod client: Arts and Climate Initiative
Arts and Climate Initiative, photo by Yadin Goldman
All-in-one solution

Get back to your mission. Let MonkeyPod handle the busywork.

Imagine what you could do with a 360 degree, real-time view of your organization. With MonkeyPod, you get an integrated platform for accounting, donor management, CRM, grant management, email marketing, online fundraising, and more.

The nonprofit tools you need...

...all in one place.

All-on-one solution
All-in-one solution

Manage all your core operations in one easy-to-use system. Really!

Onboarding and data migration
Onboarding and data migration

All the training and guidance you need to get up and running quickly.

On-call support
On-call support

If you have questions, our support team is just a call or email away.

  1. Start with a plan.
    We’ll review your data and provide a personalized data migration plan. You'll know who's responsible for what and when it needs to happen to meet your go-live date.
  2. With you every step of the way.
    We’ll help you configure MonkeyPod to fit your organization. Most organizations have some unique wrinkles to contend with. No worries! Odds are we've seen it before, but either way, we won't rest until MonkeyPod fits you like a glove.
  3. Time to celebrate!
    Before you know it you'll be up and running. Raising more money! Doing less busywork! Getting real-time data about what matters most! Welcome home. You're going to like it here.
Dr. Cristina Bahm, Head of Community and Learning
Onboarding & data migration specialists are standing by.
Pictured: Dr. Cristina Bahm, Head of Community & Learning

Switching to MonkeyPod
is easier than you think

Change can be scary. Changing your mission-critical systems can be downright terrifying.

We understand! And we've got your back. MonkeyPod's expert onboarding specialists will stick with you until you’re fully set up and ready to go.


One hub for all your data, no matter where it comes from.

Keep using the services you love or adopt some of our favorites. Either way, MonkeyPod gives you the tools to synchronize your data in real-time. That saves time, improves accuracy, and keeps everyone in the loop.

Stripe: payment processing Gusto: payroll Eventbrite: ticketing Plaid: online banking
Watch out for hidden fees! Don't let some other vendor charge you extra for set up or the number of users, email lists, or database records! With MonkeyPod, it's always unlimited.

Which plan is right for you?

Our Enterprise plan was built for complex organizations with lots of data. You’ll get white-glove data transfers, an experienced client success team, and access to all premium apps.

On a super tight budget? We get it! That's why we have plans for all different shapes and sizes of organization, starting at just $295/year.

See all Plans & Pricing

MonkeyPod client: Ensemble Altera
Photo: Ensemble Altera

Things we get asked about switching

When's the best time to switch?

The start of a new fiscal year is a great time to switch to MonkeyPod so your accounting records have a clean break. But we work with organizations all the time that switch during other times of the year. Our knowledgeable support team will make sure your data gets migrated and your team trained so you’re up and running quickly.

Do I have to migrate all of my systems at the same time?

No, you can move over to MonkeyPod in phases. Our team will develop with you a personalized data migration plan that aligns with your ideal timeline.

What's this going to cost us?

We offer three different subscription plans so you can find the right fit for your nonprofit. Prices start at $295/year for new and small organizations. Our pricing is always transparent and we never charge extra fees for adding or storing more data or documents. More details about pricing can be found on our pricing page.

I have lots more questions!

No problem. Get in touch and we'll make sure they get answered. You can also check out our Knowledgebase for detailed answers and additional resources.

Care to compare?

MonkeyPod Pro
$1,800 per year
$3,000 - $11,000+ per year
Plus data migration & onboarding
Accounting MonkeyPod Accounting
Included in subscription
unlimited transactions
Quickbooks Advanced: $1,080/yr
Salesforce Acct. Subledger: $2,500/yr
CRM MonkeyPod Relationships CRM
Included in subscription
unlimited contacts
Neon Impact: $1,800/yr
Bloomerang: $2,400/yr
Fundraising MonkeyPod Online Fundraising
Included in subscription
unlimited campaigns
Salesforce Elevate: $5,000/yr
Facebook Fundraisers: Free (but what about the data?)
Marketing MonkeyPod Email Marketing
Included in subscription
unlimited sends
MailChimp Essentials: $240/yr
Constant Contact: $540/yr
Built for nonprofit people, by nonprofit people

Manage your growing nonprofit, all in one place

Behind every successful organization is an efficient team. Manage your finances, donors, grants, outreach, and programs with MonkeyPod’s all-in-one platform.

CRM & Donor Management
Grant Management
Email Marketing
Online Fundraising

Get back to your mission with MonkeyPod.

Prices start at just $295/year for new and small organizations.
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