Aloha mai kākou,

Hawai'i is home to thousands of nonprofits. Organizations like yours work tirelessly to address vital challenges in our community — environmental conservation, affordable housing, education, cultural preservation, food security, and so much more. We recognize and honor your lived experiences — no one knows your community better than you.

As important as this work is, it far too often remains underappreciated and undersupported. Together, we can make a change.

Hawai'i's nonprofits deserve top-notch professional systems. You deserve tools that help you raise money, deepen your impact, and expand your reach, all while centering your expertise. And those tools should be easy to use. MonkeyPod can help.

Like you, MonkeyPod is honored and grateful to call Hawai'i home. As a mission-driven social enterprise, we have a responsibility to participate in our community with humility and authenticity. Since the day we first launched in Kailua in 2019, we have offered discounts and free technical assistance to nonprofits in the islands. As MonkeyPod's founder, I have personally been blessed with the opportunity to volunteer for many local organizations as well.

These are tough times, but we're stronger together. If MonkeyPod can help you do your best work, then we would love a chance to try. We invite you to take advantage of our Kamaʻāina Discount, or if you'd like to talk story, we welcome the chance to learn more about your work.

Adam Huttler, MonkeyPod founder

With aloha,

Adam Huttler
Founder & Head of Product

Aloha from Kailua!
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Kama'āina Discount

Discount for Hawai'i Nonprofits

As a Hawai'i-based company, MonkeyPod has a responsibility to support our local nonprofit community. That means listening closely to Hawai'i nonprofit leaders and doing our best to make MonkeyPod accessible and affordable to the entire community. That's why we offer 50% off the first year subscription to any nonprofit in the islands. Great technology shouldn’t require breaking the bank.

MonkeyPod also offers free access to trainings on donor management, nonprofit accounting, email marketing, online fundraising, and grant management.

Discount for Hawai'i Nonprofits