Product Overview

Let's change the world together.

MonkeyPod is a true all-in-one solution that lets nonprofits like yours get down to business.

Consider it your nonprofit-in-a-box.

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How can MonkeyPod help you?

Donor Management

Gift Acknowledgement
100% automated. Receipts and thank you messages are automatically emailed to donors after every online donation.
Donation Tracking
Track donations by program, campaign, event, and appeal. Each donation is automatically recorded in your books, budget, and CRM.
Donor Communication
Send unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers. Search and segment your donors using ALL of your data — donations, emails, location, purchase behavior, and more.
Donor Insights
Get a holistic view of each donor. See every financial transaction, email open, interaction, and more — all in one place.
Easily analyze your data with out-of-the-box reports. Identify prospects and level up your engagement with custom reporting tools.
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Online Fundraising

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Website Integration
Create and link customizable fundraising pages to your website in minutes. Or embed donation forms directly into your website.
Automated Donation Processing
MonkeyPod automatically emails the donor with a receipt and thank you, updates your CRM, and records the donation on your books and budgets.
Donation Options
Accept one-time, recurring, partially-deductible, and fully-deductible donations. Create giving tiers that align with your campaign theme.
Donation Tracking
Track donations for every event, campaign, and project. Give donors the ability to donate to a restricted fund to support your programs.
Affordable Processing Fees
MonkeyPod integrates with Stripe's payment processing platform, which is available at a discount for nonprofits.
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Nonprofit Accounting

Nonprofit Fund Accounting
Organize your finances with a chart of accounts designed for nonprofits. Easily track and report on restricted grants and donations.
Unlimited Budgets
Create and compare budgets for events, grants, programs, and more. Budget actuals automatically sync with your accounting records.
Advanced Reporting
All of your required nonprofit financial reports at your fingertips. Easily customize and save reports for better financial management.
Integrated Online Banking
Import transactions from checking, savings, credit card accounts, and more. Match transactions to streamline your reconciliations.
Easily Adjust User Permissions
Add unlimited users and limit access to important information with fine-grained user permissions.
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Grant Management

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Grant Proposal Tracking
Identify and evaluate funding opportunities. Track grant proposals from first draft through final report.
Deadline Reminders and Calendar Sync
Reminder emails ensure you'll never miss a deadline. Sync MonkeyPod Action Items with your calendar to see everything in one place.
Advanced Expense Tracking
Track expenses for restricted and unrestricted grants. Split expenses across multiple grants. Manage all of your grants with real-time reports.
Single and Multi-Year Grant Budgets
Budget actuals automatically update as expenses are recorded on your books. Share or restrict access to grant budgets.
Grant Outcomes Reporting
Track activity metrics and outcomes data for every grant. Search and export your data for interim and final reports or new proposals.
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Email Marketing

Unlimited Email Sends
Add unlimited subscribers, create unlimited email lists, send unlimited email campaigns. No extra fees. No surprise charges.
Fully Integrated Email, CRM, and Accounting
Search and segment your constituents using ALL of your data. Bulk subscribe your constituents to email lists with one click.
Embeddable Email Subscription Forms
Embed email subscription forms into any website. Constituents can sign up for multiple email lists at the same time.
Email Automation
Schedule single emails or multi-step drip campaigns. Automatically track emails sent from your personal email client in your CRM.
Robust Email Metrics and Reporting
Track subscriber growth, opens, clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes for every email campaign and across all of your lists.
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