Got time to take 5?

You work hard to make an impact in your community. So when you find yourself with 5 minutes to catch your breath between deadlines, how about we save you and your friends some money?

If you refer someone to MonkeyPod and they sign up, at any subscription level, we’ll give you AND them 5% off your MonkeyPod subscription. For life.

“Not bad, but I thought MonkeyPod was a bit more bold.”

— You, probably

Did we mention that you can combine those 5% referral discounts until your subscription is completely free? That’s right, refer 3 people and get 15% off. 5 people and get 25% off. Want to really run wild and refer 20 people? Your MonkeyPod subscription is free for life.

And to make things even more interesting, the first organization that refers their way to a free subscription will receive a $2,500 cash donation from MonkeyPod.

So on your next break, take 5 and we’ll return the favor.

Want to get started?

  • Email with your referral,
  • Or, share this page with your network and let folks name you as a referral when they request a demo.