Payroll Bookkeeping by Magic

Gusto is a payroll and human resources management platform. By connecting MonkeyPod to your Gusto account, all of your payroll transactions and contractor payments will be recorded for you — automatically and in real-time. No more confusing journal entries. No accounting knowledge required.

Gusto is the People Platform
Image courtesy of Gusto

Take Care of Your People

Your people are your best asset, and we know you want to take good care of them. Fortunately, Gusto doesn't just handle payroll. They can also help you provide health insurance, retirement plans, 529 college savings accounts, and more important employee benefits. And yes, MonkeyPod will record those payments for you as well.

MonkeyPod's Favorite

At MonkeyPod, we don't just allow anyone to integrate with our platform and mess with your nonprofit's data. Gusto is the only payroll service that is fully supported by MonkeyPod, and the only payroll platform that we recommend to our users. It's easy to use, affordable for even the smallest nonprofits, but still powerful and flexible enough to support large institutions.