Whether you're a CPA or an accidental administrator

Take control of your nonprofit's finances with MonkeyPod.

Whether you're an accounting pro or an accidental administrator doing a bit (or a lot) of everything, MonkeyPod makes managing your financials easy.

MonkeyPod has built-in safeguards to enforce nonprofit accounting rules and ensure you're in compliance.

And because MonkeyPod includes integrated online fundraising and CRM, manual processes like recording donations are automated and streamlined to save you time.

Accurate Fund Accounting

  • Easily track donor-restricted assets, programs, and grants.
  • Differentiate between contributed income, like donations, and earned income, like ticket sales.

Powerful Nonprofit Reporting

  • All the standard reports at your fingertips: Statement of Activities, Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Functional Expenses.
  • Plus advanced reports, all included: Pledges Receivable, Income/Expense by Class, Donor Retention, and more.

Budgets that Update Automatically

  • Create budgets for programs, grants, or the whole organization.
  • Revenue and expenses recorded on your books automatically update in your budgets.

Online Banking Connections

  • Automatically import transactions from your checking, savings, and credit card accounts to streamline reconciliations.

Unlimited Document Storage

  • Upload unlimited receipts, bills, invoices, or other documents for audit time.

Advanced User Permissions

  • Add unlimited users and control access to important information to ensure your organization's security and compliance.

Want to see MonkeyPod's accounting and financial tools in action?